Everything’s coming up roses (and lavender)!

pers-pictures-055.jpgThis is my first post in the new blog and everything in my life is bursting forth in blossom.

Today there are six rose plants blooming in my garden along with peonies, poppies and evening primrose. Cranesbill geranium, bleeding heart and trillium (spiderwort) continue to show and the large hellebore I planted several years ago has been blooming since February- which is amazing since we live in Zone 4 or 5 -depending on who you ask.

We are overhauling the garden this year. We’ll be adding a gazebo and reconfiguring the raised beds and walkways. I am planning on adding a knot garden if it all works out. Hopefully I’ll be posting lots of pictures soon. This picture is one we took at last year’s visit to Young Living Farms in Mona, Utah.

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  1. Holly says:

    So, funny. We just went to the festival last summer so I recognized the picture right away. We didn’t actually make it for the run through the lavendar, but we did watch the jousting. Aidan (my 4 year old) didn’t stop saying HUZZAH! for the next week.

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