Xeric mow-strip in full bloom


This is our xeric (low water demand) mow-strip -a little past prime but still beautiful in my humble opinion.

If I had posted this blog two weeks ago, it would have been more beautiful. But oh well.

We put this in a few years ago. As you can see California poppies are trying to take over in an orange crush of blossom. The tall purple flowers are Penstemon and the silver is an Artemesia. We also have Wormwood, Rue, St. John’s Wort, several varieties of  Lavender and Rock Rose, Catmint, Curry, variegated Iris, Santolina, Sedum, tri-color Sage, a limelight variety of Artemisia, Ice-plant, Hens and Chicks and Euphorbia also.  And while everything might not be in the xeric handbook of plants all are doing well and slugging it out for dominance in the contained space, thank you very much.

We water about every 7-10 days when in bloom and a little less when not.


  1. Gabi says:

    Vali -you’re so sweet!
    Thanks for the kind note.
    The lady bugs are taking a meeting to invite more ladybugs to the blog … that’s all I can say there. 😉

  2. valillama says:

    yeah-am i the first one to make a comment? you are so amazing, i am very excited to have this blog as a resource. mostly just wanted to comment on the cute ladybugs, i’m wondering if you can explain just what it is they are doing?


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