Saturday’s alright by me


Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts are our time for relaxing on the front porch over a leisurely game of Upwords and some delicious morning fare.

Saturday’s breakfast usually ends up being a home made latte and scrambled eggs with toast or some sort of pastry. The pastry is either home made or from our friend Romina at Les Madeleines bakery. We’ve been lucky enough to eat her creations for several years and recently she was named best pastry chef in Salt Lake City by Salt Lake Magazine. Congratulations Romina!

We love her Kouign-Aman… we are addicted to her Kouign-Aman. In fact, we had to stop ourselves from going there EVERY Saturday morning because our clothes were ceasing to cover our very happily expanding bellies. I don’t know that it’s necessarily a “bad” thing to be such a regular that you feel the need to call your baker and let her know you won’t be coming on a particular Saturday- but we have and honestly we blushed at the prospect.

Sunday mornings Rick usually makes whole grain waffles with oatmeal in them.  They are fabulous! He makes extra and then we have them later in the week, toasted and topped with Brown Cow cherry vanilla yogurt. Ooh! On Sunday we cover them with organic maple syrup and have a natural uncured bacon or sausage on the side. Of course Rick makes delectable lattes once again with his “Rube Goldberg device” espresso machine.

We’re still duking it out for the title of Upwords Champ but I swear-Rick gets all the good letters and he only lets me get away with a few of the words I make up on my own.

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