Gentlemen Prefer Blondies and Brownies


These “Gentlemen Prefer Blondies and Brownies” brownies are my entry into Browniebabe of the month #3 hosted by sweet Myriam at Once upon a Tart.  I was too late for #2 so Myriam graciously offered to save these for #3.



In the beginning I was going for a Brownie/Blondie combination inspired by Maida Heatter’s “Polka-dot cheesecake.” I thought I’d experiment and see if I could suspend some nice round spheres of Blondie in Brownie batter and vice-verse. Things haven’t turned out quite as I wished, but the results are still dreamily decadent richness and delight.

I was thinking hmmm -a  Blonde and a Brunette with some riches and a few nuts…kinda reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in the screwball comedy from 1953″Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. So that’s where the name comes from.

These are a “Pecan and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Studded Brownie combined with a White Chocolate, Almond and Grand Marnier Blondie.

 Rick was into them before I could get the picture taken. 🙂



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