Announcing- “Show Us Your…” a blogging event!


The beautiful Ilva of the absolutely gorgeous blog Lucullian Delights  has graciously allowed me to pick up the reins of her original blogging event “Show Us  Your…” !

Ilva hosted two events: “Show us your… kitchen” and a “Show us your…apron” before turning her attention to her other hosted events: The Heart of the Matter and Paper Chef.

I had been long been thinking of this very premise too. I am always interested in seeing little bits of my fellow bloggers kitchens or their ingredients. As Ilva has given her blessings for me to move forward with this I’d also like to add a dish component to the event. So for our first new round the subject will be …                                                      “Show Us Your…Spice Collection!”

To participate post and include a picture of your spice collection with a link back to this post, tell us what you love or don’t love about your herbs and spices -how you store and use them and then prepare a dish (include a photo of it too) using a spice (or spices) from your stash. It can be sweet or savoury, fancy or simple-use a spice you haven’t used in a while or your favourite.  

Send me your posts by Wednesday May 7th, 2008 and I’ll post a roundup on Saturday May 10th, 2008 . A random participant will be chosen to receive a gift basket including some unusual herbs and spices and a small hand made pastry rolling pin made by yours truly. You must post before midnight U.S. mountain time on May 7th to be eligible.

So come on- Show Us Your Spice Collection!

Please send your entry including:

  • your name
  • your blog name
  • the URL to your post
  • a small picture under 300×300 pixels of your collection and the dish you prepare

Email the above to gabi(AT)thefeastwithin(DOT)com by the above date.  if you don’t have your own blog but wish to contribute-email me at the above address and we’ll work it out.

About Gabi

I am a writer, artist, gardener, obsessed cook/baker and recipe lover. I spend my time finding new ways to enjoy my life and try to encourage everyone around me to do the same. I like creating a cozy, warm, comforting and inviting atmosphere and hope to share some of that here. Hopefully, I get to learn from others who share my interests too.
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9 Responses to Announcing- “Show Us Your…” a blogging event!

  1. Katiza says:

    So sorry I’m too late – but I love my spice collection so I posted it anyway.

  2. I’ve just sent you an email with my entry details as well.

  3. I just send you a mail with my entry details.

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  6. Angel says:

    Woohoo!!! This looks like a fun event. I’m assuming it means herbs and spices since my cupboard they are all thrown in together! Now I must plan something tasty!!

  7. Gabi says:

    Holly, Thanks-can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)

    Deborah, I have to admit that I also will have to have a clear out- I think it’s kind of fun to sort through it all though. :)


  8. Deborah says:

    How fun! But now I will have to clean out my spice cabinet. Can’t have guests over if it’s a mess, can I??!!

  9. Holly says:

    I’m glad that this goes til May so that I can play along. I love spices – now I just have to choose a favorite.

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