“Show Us Your…Spice Collection!” the roundup


It’s time for the roundup of  “Show Us Your…Spice Collection!” It’s also good that I didn’t promise a time for the roundup today as it’s 9:30pm my time and I’m just able to sit down and get it posted.

 We had a lovely turnout from around the world! Thank you so much to all who participated. We enjoyed getting a look at your spices and herbs and your creativity in using them.

First to show us her spices is lovely Chriesi from Almond Corner blogging out of  Zurich, Switzerland, with an artist’s palette of spices and a luscious Cinnamon Floating Island -Truly tempting and beautiful!




Next, from Eugene, Oregon, along comes Tracy from Tracy Food with a magical view of her spices and a lovely pot of Masoor Dal (red lentils) and Moong Dal (Dried Split Mung-Beans) and Saag (Turnip Greens)that indeed are magical!





From the UK, Anupama from Food-N-More is treating us to a view of a Masalyacha Daaba -a traditional Indian Spice Box that is as beautiful as it is useful! Anupama cooks a beautiful dish of Batatyachi Bhaaji  (stir-fried potatoes and peas with mustard seeds and a plethora of other wonderful exotic spices) that leaves my mouth watering!



Here’s Shari from Whisk: A Food Blog in Ottawa, Canada with a brand new organized system of spices and a very lovely Sour Cream and Yogurt Cinnamon Coffee Cake. May I just say MMMM?!




How wonderful that sweet Ulrike from Küchenlatein in Northern Germany shows us her lovely spice cabinet (nice job on those shelves hubbie!) and makes a Bell Pepper Gratin that nearly made my heart skip a beat-it is so beautiful!




Nicole from Kitchen Stories, Schaukelpferd Kocht in Vienna, Austria, sends us a view of her beautiful glass jars, large and small- that’s quite a collection! Her Mediterranean Chicken with Tortilla Rice is quite a beauty too!




Straight from New York- it’s Susan from The Well Seasoned Cook, who seems made for this very event- she even purchased an adorable apothecary cabinet to house (her precious) spices and herbs that’s enough to make me long for a dark cave and a pocket large enough to steal it away in.  Luckily my green envy is quickly sated by her Green  Mango and Tomato Curry– yes bring it to me-my precious!



Rounding out our contributors this month, signing in also from Austria, is Katiza from Katiza  she keeps her spices in what looks to be a professional makeup case- I think that’s fabulous- after all spices and herbs add beauty to our cooking don’t they? She’s serving up a beautiful Rote Linsensuppe with vegetables, spices, ginger and yogurt-




Finally, here’s a peek at my own spice drawers-



I have one for sweet baking spices and herbs and one for savory spices. I keep them in small stainless steel tins that I can get my fingers (or a Tablespoon) into when necessary- they’re easy to fill and easy to use and they don’t break if I accidentally drop them on the hard surfaces of my concrete counters or slate floor. I do have more bulk herbs in the pantry such as chile peppers, salts and vanilla beans etc., but I may have to show them on another day.


 For my dish I made a carrot cake for my friend Sue’s homecoming with her new baby, adorable Tristan, and I used Ceylon, Saigon and Cassia Cinnamon along with Cloves, Coriander, 5-Spice Powder and Allspice. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow for the cake as this roundup is getting quite long!

Well, as I am just getting this in under the wire myself, I again want to thank everyone who participated again- you’re all the best.

Through a random, numerical selection (pulled a number out of a hat)…Ta Da!           Susan at The Well Seasoned Cook… you are the winner of the small spice gift basket and a small hand turned rolling pin. I’ll be contacting you shortly with details. Congratulations!

I hope you’ll all come back again for the next installment of “Show Us Your…?” which I’ll announce soon- and if you have an idea for a subject you’d like to cover please let me know.

Cheers to all!


P.S. Please let me know if I’ve made any errors or omissions that need correcting on the roundup- it’s my first and I don’t want to let anyone down. 🙂



  1. baking soda says:

    I missed it! So sorry Gabi. Love the round-up and the neat way everyone has arranged their spices. I see a lot of ideas I can borrow from! Thanks!

  2. Gabi says:

    Coco- Thanks- I know isn’t that makeup case great?! I lust after one myself ;0

    Katiza, Thank you very much and please come back and play again!

    Holly, Sad you missed it too- but I understand. Thank you so much for the award *smiles in gratitude* and for the very sweet compliment on the cake!

    Susan, Thanks for the great post and hope you come back again! I am looking forward to sending you your rolling pin and spices!

    Chriesi, Thank you xoxo

    Dhanggit- I am sure I sould love to see your spices- hope you can come play with us next time. You’re such a beautiful cook!

    Shari- Thanks and please come play again!

    Anupama- Thank you- I really enjoyed myself too! Your post was exquisite!

  3. Anupama says:

    Dear Gabi,

    I just loved the roundup. It was lovely to see how different people store their spices. Do come up with more such ideas please. Thanks for a great event.

  4. Shari says:

    Thanks for hosting this event! It was a great opportunity to “tidy up the spices for company”. I love your little spice jars with the big labels for easy access!

  5. dhanggit says:

    what a great round up GAbi!! i real treat for spice lovers like me!!! too bad i wasnt able to participate i really dont have much spices to share :-(well my collection is not as beautiful as theirs..maybe next time i can do something about it!!have a great day!

  6. Susan says:

    OMG! If it wasn’t heady enough to participate in a round-up of my most treasured ingredients, I learn that I have won your swell basket of goodies. Thank you, Gabi – for the great round-up and the prize! I’ll wait to hear from you. ; D

  7. Holly says:

    Gabs – your roundup rocks!! I am sad, and yet not sad, that I never could get my act together to join in the fun. You would seriously laugh if you saw the random, scattered all over the kitchen, spice “collection” (and I use the term loosely) that I have right now. Too funny!

    There are some seriously beautiful collections there. OK, now seriously though, your Beatrix Potter bunny is the cutest cake I’ve EVER seen. Wow that is talent! (Oh, and thanks for the WRONG forecast today Mr. Weatherman!!) Oh, well, at least it was a pretty day after all!

    Oh, and I wanted to let you know I’ve given you an award. Go check it out on my blog (and a giveaway too!)

  8. Katiza says:

    Thank You Gabi for hosting this nice blog event – there are some great recipes and Courtney: Do it ;-)!

  9. Courtney says:

    Great idea Gabi. Looking at all of these ,especially the makeup case example makes me want to get organized!

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