Spring Mint Syrup


Springtime is great for stocking your fridge and freezer with fresh ingredients for the coming Summer. Consider making herbal syrups to add fresh flavours to your cold drinks and ices. The new growth of herbs such as mint are packed with essential oils that you can use to infuse water, oils and vinegars. For today here are the instructions for making an herbal syrup:


Any edible non-pesticide sprayed herb, spice or flower can be used for infusion. Simply gather the leaves, blossoms or stems and rinse them gently to remove any dirt or debris. Pack them in a clean sterilized jar and pour boiling (preferably distilled) water over them. Cap the jar and leave to steep for about 24 hours. Strain the liquid off and use a  1:1.5 ratio of the resulting liquid to sugar or you can use the standard 1 cup liquid to 2 cups sugar depending on how thick of a syrup you choose to make. Boil the liquid and sugar together for about 4-5 minutes, pour into a jar and refrigerate or seal.


This syrup is a Spearmint Syrup in a 1:1.5 sugar ratio- a light relatively simple syrup. You can use it for drinks such as Mint Juleps, Mojitos, Iced Tea/ Lemonade or Garden Punches. You can also use it for granitas or ices.


I actually made this for Kentucky Derby day but got so sad when Eight Belles- the little filly I was rooting for suffered a tragic accident after running her heart out to finish 2nd place. I was crying so hard I couldn’t bring myself to make Juleps from it.-Still chokes me up. Sorry 🙁 

On a lighter note- I hope you try making a syrup or two. Try using: Lemon Verbena, scented Geranium, Sweet Woodruff, Lavender, Rose, Citrus Flower, or all kinds of Mint- the list could go on and on….


  1. Gabi says:

    Ben- Thanks, Oh it’s so lovely to get an herb garden going- it’s great to snip off a bit of herb as you need it- so fresh!

    Dhanggit- Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! xoxox

    Laura- Thanks I hope you AND the babe like it –

    Chriesi- Thanks!

    Courtney- Yes- I guess I left that little bit off -oops- Boil the liquid and sugar together for about 4-5 minutes, pour into a jar and refrigerate or seal. I’ll correct above Thanks!

  2. Ben says:

    That is really easy to make. Now I really need to start my herb garden going! Thanks for this great tip!

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