It’s a Buffy Bash with Blog Party#34!


Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness has invited us to her latest Blog Party #34  and it’s a Buffy Bash.

I’m keeping my offerings short and sweet with an appetizer of:


“Olive to stake a heart with a little cheese!” (okay not short and sweet :p )

I took Australian Blood Olives and Green Olives stuffed with Feta Cheese and ran a little old wooden stake through them and into some marinated artichoke hearts. Simple but good!

For my Drink it’s a:


Buffy’s Killa Sunrise with Blood Orange and Cherry

  • Freshly squeezed Blood Orange Juice
  • Natural Maraschino Cherry Juice and a cherry to stake
  • Tequila (or seltzer if you prefer virgins)

Mix and drink while hanging out at the Bronze.


  1. Gabi says:

    Dhanggit- Thanks! The blood orange and cherry are a surprisingly good combo!

    Courtney- You have a standing invitation my friend!

    LisaRene- I missed you- blog party just isn’t the same without you. I found the Australian Blood Olives at Whole foods in the olive bar- they’re good- kind of similar to kalamata but juicier. Wilson must like puns- great catch! I made up a “Two Hearts-One Beet” salad for Valentines a couple of years ago that uses artichoke hearts, hearts of palm and grated beet so I thought about the hearts of palm but didn’t want to open a whole jar for a couple of appetizers. Maybe I’ll post that soon…
    See ya soon!

  2. LisaRene says:

    I’m back… I was showing my husband your post and he immediately got “stake in the artichoke HEART” and the blood olives. I totally missed the correlation of artichoke and HEART. He points out “hearts of palm would have worked as well”. Where was he when I was trying to come up with an idea for this roundup? 🙂

  3. LisaRene says:

    Antipasto on a stick! Who wouldn’t love that as an appetizer? Great idea, I’m not familiar with Buffy so didn’t make a submission for this roundup. Love the cocktail, I’ll take mine with the tequila 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Australian Blood Olives, I’ll keep an eye out and purchase some if I come across them.

  4. dhanggit says:

    great shots as usual 🙂 i love the way you played around with bloody orange and cherry ..sounds delicious!!

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