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You can email me at gabi(at)thefeastwithin(dot)com  I am happy to answer questions or read your comments. I will try to respond as soon as possible to your emails but please be understanding if I am not able to respond right away as I am not able to spend 100 percent of my time on this blog.

I will not respond to any emails that are not respectful so please do not send any spam or hatemail my way.



5 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Gabi says:

    Thanks Ursula- sorry for the delayed reply. Hope your Holidays were happy!

  2. thank you for your lovely food blog = we found you on Pinterest looking for easy Irish soda bread recipes..Happy Holiday season to you and your loved ones :)

  3. Gabi says:

    Wow Duane,that all sounds divine!

  4. Duane Dawson says:

    I have all three books by Ms. Francois and Dr. Hertzberg. I hope to someday meet both of them and tell them in person how much I enjoy making items from their books. I alter some to fit my needs. I make a lot of my own cheeses, and you should see how fast folks eat the fresh, warm mozzarella with fresh made bread. Or, fresh bread with my home made butter. I have my own dairy animals, sheep, goats and cows. Cannot get any fresher than what I make.
    Duane Dawson

  5. Rick says:

    Caputos by night is no more, we loved it but when we went there last night (4/30/11) we were informed that all they are doing is the take out lunch menu not the fine dinning.

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