Tyler Florence Fridays- Amaretto Chocolate Brownies from Stirring the Pot


I’m back on the TFF bandwagon this week and the recipe I’m serving up is from “Stirring the Pot”, by Tyler Florence -page #200- Amaretto Brownies.  I am a big Tyler cookbook fan so far- I’m sure I’ll be finding more of his recipes to love as we go along.

I actually made these this morning before leaving for work- so they are cooling and waiting to be cut when I go home for lunch today. I did sneak a taste though -and they were full of chocolaty- Amaretto goodness. mise-brownies

I am a complete brownie slave- they are my absolute favourite treat- the one I refuse to give up no matter what. Because of this, I have my favourite brownie recipe memorized and just make variations to it according to my mood.  So what I’m getting at is that I respect Tyler enough to go outside of my comfort zone and give his a try. These use alot more ingredients than my usual but then again they are a lot thicker. I’m curious to see what they are like in the middle when cooled- so I’ll update on that later… and I don’t know if I’ll make the chocolate whipped cream he serves with these yet- I love the darkness of the brownies by themselves.



Now let’s go on over to the Tyler Florence Fridays site to get a list of the other TFF recipes presented today…

Update: the verdict- yummy- we ate them all and they were very good and might be nice for a change-up in future… but I still prefer my regular brownie recipe. xoxo

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