Carnitas Nachos and Margueritas- My Way

For a very satisfying dinner on the patio, by the pool or just lounging about the table let me recommend one of our favourite quick dinners- Carnitas Nachos.
Made at home- nachos resemble nothing similar to the day-glo cheese version of your favourite fast food joint. When you make them yourself you can control the layering and ingredients and make them just as you like. I, personally, love to layer fresh salted corn chips with onion, black beans, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese or a bit of Cotijo, some lovely home made carnitas (and some chilies when I’m feeling in the mood.) I bake my nachos for a few minutes in a 350F oven before finishing with the broiler. It makes everything in the inner layers melt evenly without burning the top.

Here is a link to my Carnitas Recipe if you want it- you can also usually pick some up at a Latin market if you don’t have time to make them.


I try to make sure to layer them evenly and top off with a last layer of cheese. I don’t put salsa directly on top before broiling because that makes them a bit sog-bog. So what I like to do is put half of a luscious ripe avocado on a side plate and fill it with sour cream or Crema and pool a bit of roasted salsa around it. It looks pretty with the colours of the Mexican flag and it allows each of us to control our condiments. A little minced cilantro and green onion is nice on top as well- if you have it. 🙂



As for the Margueritas- I put a can of frozen lemonade concentrate in a blender and add half of a can of limeade frozen concentrate. (You could make your own lemon and lime syrup instead but the frozen concentrate is easy and makes nice frosty drinks in a hurry.) I fill half of the empty lemonade can with good quality Tequila and add that to the concentrates in the blender, then fill  a 1/4 of the can with Triple Sec with just a splash of Gran Marnier or Cointreau and add that.  Squeeze in two fresh limes and fill the rest of the blender container with ice. Blend until smooth and frosty! Run a lime around the rim of your glasses and put a little medium coarse salt on a plate and dip the rim into the salt then fill the glasses and serve. Ole!  


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