The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

“The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Recipes, History and Trivia, For Everything Between Sliced Bread” by Susan Russo and Photographed by Matt Armendariz comes out today- go get it!

I was lucky enough to recieve an advance copy from the cool folks at Quirk Books so I have been waiting for a week or two to tell you about this book. Mostly because I hate getting excited about something that I have to wait to go out and get for myself.
This book is a cool little compendium of sandwiches from A to Zed- well actually W. It starts with “The All-in-One Breakfast Sandwich” and ends with the “Walleye Sandwich”. Stuffed in between is a ton of goodness including lots of variations on each sandwich.
Susan is a longtime favourite blogger of mine from her food blog “Food Blogga” and Matt is someone whose work I am getting to know through his popular blog “Matt Bites”.

A couple of nights ago I decided to make a Croque-Madame. It is one of the variations of France’s traditionally popular Croque-Monsieur or “Crunch Mister” a ham and Gruyere sandwich on slices of white bread (a French Boule in my case) made even more rich by the addition of a bit of bechamel sauce then grilled in butter. Hard to not drool even thinking of one. The Croque-Madame has the addition of a fried egg on top which puts it over the top in goodness as far as I am concerned.
So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now. Picnic season is coming… Breakfast is coming…Dessert is coming!

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