Little Wonders with the “PheMOMenon”-al Holly


Holly at PheMOMenon is one of the most lovely people I’ve met through this thing called food blogging. She is creative and wonderful and she is sponsoring an event called

Little Wonders Blogging for Babies – a fundraiser for the March of Dimes.

Please let me encourage you to donate to this worthy cause. If you read the story of the premature birth of her son Cole (who BTW is completely adorable -as is her other son Aidan) and watch the video on her site I guarantee that you’ll feel compelled to share a little of whatever good fortune you’ve enjoyed and help to fund this research.

Want to know more about Little Wonders March for Babies Team? Fantastic!! Here is the Team Page. Any amount that you can sponsor is extremely appreciated. Please, please help spread the word and sponsor Little Wonders if you can! Thank you!


I was going to make some baby-cakes for this event but I have had a few issues this week and my camera is out of the country at present. Until I can work something else out I have no pics to share but that’s not what’s important- sharing the word about this great event is enough to post about.

Love to you and your family Holly- and come on everybody let’s help!


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  1. Holly says:


    You are seriously so sweet! Thanks so much for spreading the word (and sponsoring us)!! As soon as we can get out of the house, we’ll get together and have some clafouti (and yes, I am easily amused too, because I’ve been saying the word to myself all morning!!) LOL


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