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Saturday Night at the Grill


Earlier today, I took my Mom on a little road-trip in my Jeep up Highway 89 towards Brigham City to the Willard, Utah  fruit-stands. I forgot my camera or I would have been able to show you a beautiful “Mayberry” type of country.


 We bought two half-bushels of locally grown peaches, some corn in the husk, green and hot peppers, a local melon and some jarred preserves and then we headed over to Woodyatt Cherry Farms for some Montmorency tart pie cherries. They sell various size tubs of pitted pie cherries with sugar (these make the best cherry pie ever!), dried cherries, jam and cherry juice. Of course being such a cherry fan- this is my idea of heaven. I used to go up to the farmer’s co-op to buy the cherries but it has since gone defunct and from my conversation with Mrs. Woodyatt, it was evidently so unprofitable for the fruit growers that I gather most of them took out their cherry orchards and replaced them with peaches. I am so grateful that the Woodyatts didn’t pull their cherry orchard out because I would find the world a distinctly less lovely place without their cherries.


These are the dried cherries- the picture doesn’t do them justice.

After we had finished making our haul we had a fun dashboard lunch at the drive-in at Maddox including some of the best peach milkshakes we’ve ever enjoyed.

I came home a bit tired and decided that a grill up would be the way to go for dinner.

Earlier this Summer, Marie at Proud Italian Cook, one of my all around favourite bloggers, posted a pork tenderloin that she filled, tied and grilled. I have been wanting to make one ever since. She stuffed hers with olives and mustard and I decided to try using Chevre, sun dried tomatoes and pesto in mine. It was so easy and delicious.


Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Chevre, Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomatoes ( along with grill peaches, corn and baked potatoes)

  • pork tenderloin, rinsed and patted dry
  • Chevre
  • Basil Pesto
  • Sun-dried Tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • salt and pepper

 Place the rinsed and patted dry tenderloin on a cutting board and cut into it vertically and then horizontally to open it like a book. Place a small portion of Chevre in the center and top with pesto and tomatoes. Close it up and tie with kitchen twine so all of the stuffing is encased. Put a minced clove of garlic in some olive oil and rub the tenderloin and then salt and pepper. Heat your grill and rub with a little oil. Grill on all sides over medium heat until the internal temperature of the meat reaches just under 160F. Remove to a platter and tent with foil to rest while until ready to serve.

Meanwhile remove the silk from some fresh corn- leave the the husk on but rinse both the cob and husk. Sprinkle with a little chile powder and salt and pepper.  Pull the husk back around the cob and grill for a few minutes on all sides just until al dente. Remove the husk or tie it back for a handle if you wish. Brush with butter and squeeze a little lime juice over and serve.

Grill some peaches. Wash them and halve and pit them. Brush with a little olive oil and place cut side down on the grill over medium low heat. Heat through and serve with a  drizzle of balsamic vinegar- or plain. Mm-mm.

The baked potatoes are served with a scoop of Fage 0% fat Greek yogurt and some chives. They were delicious.


I’m guessing I’ll have lots of peach and cherry recipes for you soon.

Hope you enjoy!


I am a writer, artist, gardener, obsessed cook/baker and recipe lover. I spend my time finding new ways to enjoy my life and try to encourage everyone around me to do the same. I like creating a cozy, warm, comforting and inviting atmosphere and hope to share some of that here. Hopefully, I get to learn from others who share my interests too.


  • Gabi

    Courtney- Thank you 🙂

    Marie- Thank you for the inspiration my friend xo 🙂

    Kalyn: Thanks- yes I noticed that- I like it and the Oikos as well! Hope your first day back to school is great xo

  • Marie

    Oh Gabi, Your meal is fit for a King! (or Queen)
    Everything looks so delicious, and I love your version of the pork tenderloin. I’m definitely gonna try it your way! Yummm!!! The peaches look gorgeous too!

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