The Garden Moves Toward Autumn

The garden is still going strong as we head towards Autumn. We are still harvesting tomatoes, zucchini and herbs while the blackberries and grapes ripen. Some plants, such as the garlic chives are just blossoming and there are new blossoms on our red raspberries. These days we glean the last golden moments of dining under the arbour and gather seeds for another planting come Spring.

Once the harvest is over I will be moving the herb bed to another location (hopefully with a knot layout) and preparing the current area for a new dining/entertaining spot under a small gazebo and new taller planting beds for easier access along the sunnier west side. We plan also to replace the bark paths with red sandstone. I am trying to save a spot for a cut-flower garden as well. So it’s a massive overhaul to add to our list of  to-dos. Rick is taking a welding class that should come in handy when it’s time to make the gazebo. (I’m getting away with taking an oil and watercolor painting class- lucky me!)

Here is a little pictorial tour…

Under the arbour is a lovely for place for sitting with a glass of wine or dining with friends


The zucchini plants that take over the earth 🙂 The red sandstone beds will be recycled into pathways


Ripening Blackberries amongst the violet leaves


A bowl of Blackberries- what should I make now?


Blossoming Garlic Chives


Merlot grapes are ripe over the arbour


Close up of Merlots on the trellis – a little behind the ones on the arbour as far as ripening goes.


A “Johann Straus” rosebud


“Johann Strauss Floribunda Rose in bloom”


The never ending zucchinis 🙂


Lovely jewels of tomatoes- BLT anyone?


St. Francis watches peacefully over the flower garden


Did I mention that we just tore out our master bathroom to remodel it? We are committed now – or maybe we should be!  haha  🙂

Scary isn’t it? The pink thing is half of the remains of the cast iron tub that had to be broken out with a sledgehammer and the lathe and plaster has now come out too.

This was the world’s ugliest bathroom- we can’t wait to make it pretty 🙂


Out of the hole where the window used to be and to a much lovelier view right now-the grape arbour. 


Well that’s how things are around our snug little house and garden for now. Wishing you a lovely Autumn.


Autumn has come too fast she said

Her great green crown turning softly red

As slowly sets the Summer sun

My days of rest are now begun

I sadly watch the birds take wing

Who cradled in my arms last Spring

Now I turn to Winter’s sleep

My Season of solitude to keep

When once more the world turns round

My roots will stir within the ground

I’ll embrace with stretching limbs

The tiny ones whose songs seem hymns

They weave their ribbons in my hair

 Sheltered nests high in the air

We live with joy while days are long

Every morning rich with song

But far too soon there comes the call

When each Summer turns to Fall”



  1. Marie says:

    I love your “little room” in your garden! Everything looks beautiful Gabi. Good luck with your bathroom project, we redid ours a couple years ago and ran into a few unexpected things/ nightmares! Just keep remembering that it will be worth it when its done!

  2. casalba says:

    I love your arbour. Love it! What a beautiful place to sit with friends.

    I hope you’ll post on the knot herb garden.

    Autumn has come too fast, but it looks like you are going to be very busy inside and outside.

  3. Deborah says:

    We’re still harvesting as well, but taking bets on how long it will be until the first frost! What a lovely back yard, and the renovations sound like they are going to make everything even better!

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