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    Kipling-The Jungle Cat Who Walked by Himself- We will miss you!

      This is a tribute to our lovely cat fur-baby Kipling, who went into the great unknown three days ago, leaving behind a huge hole in our lives. We will miss you our brave, smart and beautiful boy. We hope your life with us was happy and that you knew that we will always love you! I was a wet nose and knowing eyes wrapped up in a warm furry package But I was more I was a heart that gave love endlessly and unselfishly But I was more I was a child, not of your flesh but of your soul But I was more For everything I was became a reflection of…

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    Today I make Pomanders

    Today I am making pomanders. Do you remember them from childhood? They always make the house smell like Christmas memories to me. Just get some oranges and whole cloves and push the pointed end of the clove into the orange’s peel. That’s it. You can add a ribbon or whatever if you want to get fancy. MMM. Smells good! FYI I find that my local Asian market usually has the best and least expensive whole cloves. The ones I just bought were 99 cents for about a half cup of cloves. Good deal! The pictures are of my work in process. You have to go a bit slow since pushing…

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    Here Comes the Sun and the Son!

    I am so happy today- I know I’ve been off of the blog for a while more on that later- but today I just wanted to write and say how happy I am to be an American and how much I commit to serve my country and the world right along with President Obama. Nothing is stronger than love, hope, and doing what is right. It’s a new dawn- it’s a new day…. Bless all who are good and who seek to change the world for the better. My own son came back to America on Saturday- his days in Iraq are now behind him and Hallelujah!- he came back…

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