Easy San Marzano “Quick” Salsa from Tyler for TFF


Today for Tyler Florence Fridays I made a completely easy recipe- very suitable for a slacker like me. “Hello- McFly?!!?”


The recipe I threw together is “San Marzano ‘Quick’ Salsa” from Dinner at My Place by Tyler Florence– an excellent cookbook that I highly recommend.

I’ve never actually made salsa from canned tomatoes before and this was so easy I have to admit it felt like a bit of a cheat. But this is great for when tomatoes aren’t in season and you need a quick salsa for a dip or condiment.  All you do is combine a large can of drained tomatoes with some red onion, a bit of Serrano chile, lime juice, cilantro, olive oil and salt and pepper. Whiz it in the food processor and adjust the consistency with some of the tomato juice reserved from the can when draining- for that purpose. I used crushed organic Tuscan tomatoes that I had on hand instead of whole San Marzanos but I think it was just as good.


You’ll have it made before you can get the chips out….. and better than a jar any-day.

Check out the other Tyler delights over at the TFF site always an event!



  1. DebinHawaii says:

    Great pick! I love the ease of the canned tomatoes for a quick salsa outside of the tomato season I join you in your laziness as I had this one tabbed to make too. Thanks for coming to TFF!

  2. Natashya says:

    Sometimes it’s great to have a little quickie with Tyler… I mean recipe-wise!
    A great salsa, and beautiful photos. This popped up on the TFF blogroll when I was doing the round-up so I came by and grabbed it!

  3. Kalyn says:

    Looks good. I admit I wasn’t a Tyler fan at all when I’d just seen him on TV, but when I got one of his books I realized, the man can cook!

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