Here Comes the Sun and the Son!


I am so happy today- I know I’ve been off of the blog for a while more on that later- but today I just wanted to write and say how happy I am to be an American and how much I commit to serve my country and the world right along with President Obama. Nothing is stronger than love, hope, and doing what is right. It’s a new dawn- it’s a new day…. Bless all who are good and who seek to change the world for the better.


My own son came back to America on Saturday- his days in Iraq are now behind him and Hallelujah!- he came back safely and whole. He’ll be home on leave in a few weeks and out of the Army completely by the Fall- hopefully. Knowing what a strain it is for families to have their loved ones away at war -I send my love out to those whose sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers were not as lucky.




  1. Marie says:

    Oh Gabi! I’m thrilled for you! What a great way to start 2009, knowing your son is home and safe!
    xox, Marie

  2. Gabi says:

    Natashya- Thanks – I love all of you Canadians!
    Kalyn- Thank you!!!
    Maryann- Thanks Sweetie!
    Vali- Lovely- thanks so much!


  3. vali says:

    gabs—i am so, so thrilled for you and rick! what a wonderful and heartening thing to have him home!

    loves to all,

  4. Natashya says:

    What a joyous day for you and your country!
    We Canadians are pretty excited as well.
    So good to have your son home, have a wonderful time together.

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