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    Yogurt Banana Pecan Bars with Browned Butter Glaze

      Got Bananas you need to use up? Tired of that same old banana bread? Try these Banana Bars made with Fage 0% Fat Greek Yogurt instead. They are made just that much more delicious here, by being topped with a Browned Butter Glaze. The original recipe for these came from my Aunt B as the most delicious Sour Cream Banana Bars (she is an awesome baker) so feel free to substitute sour cream for the Fage 0% Greek yogurt I use here if you want. I also increased the pecans and vanilla extract to my taste in the recipe below. Banana Bars – my way (makes one half sheet pan) 1-1/2…

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    California Chicken Salad plus fresh homemade dressings

    As this season slowly draws to a close and those last days of outdoor grilling and garden fresh tomatoes go by,  we really savor the last and best of our “salad days”. Store bought tomatoes and baked chicken breast can be used in other seasons but it’s just not quite the same. I call this a California Chicken Salad because it has ingredients that I associate with several years of growing up in Orange County, California. More often than not, we had a salad topped with chicken for dinner. I love the interplay of flavours with the chicken, avocado and tomato. Black beans and corn add a little Southwest touch as well.…

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    Homegrown artichokes and homemade mayonnaise

    Look what’s growing in our garden! This year we planted some artichokes just to see how they would grow for us. We are big eaters of the “thorny thistle of bliss” as I like to think of it. We usually have them at least once per week. Unless they are $4.00 a piece that is.  There is no way that the space of our smallish garden will keep us supplied but the thought of eating a home grown artichoke was just too tempting – so we planted two and one survived which we will share once it is ready to harvest. The ants have eaten the other- hope they enjoyed it. 🙂 To…

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